Facebook Features A Dark Mode Messaging App

Facebook  Features A Dark Mode Messaging App
  • Hanna
  • 18 Jan, 2020

Facebook has launched a new version of the Facebook messaging app for their desktop computer which completely supports dark mode. An ever-increasing number of facebook owned platform now has the facility to support dark mode with one massive difference. Facebook has been quick in executing the feature in the device. This has gained a lot of popularity and let’s check out the procedure on how to activate the dark mode on facebook messenger. The hidden dark mode is only included in the latest version which you have to grab the latest version of facebook messenger. You can get the link by tapping the link below which has the latest version of facebook messenger and then

Step 1 - Considering the hidden dark mode is only involved in the latest version of Facebook Messenger, you’ll require to seize that version. The easiest way you can get that version of Facebook Messenger is simply just by touching the section below which has the most advanced variant of Facebook Messenger and suddenly tapping Download APK. From there totally just originate the file from your notifications tray. You need to swipe from the top and then hit Install to refresh Messenger.

Step 2 - Moving further open up the recently updated facebook messenger app and next login.

Step 3 - You’ll need an app that can easily specify an app that is able to immediately speak and command the app so that the dark mode can be aroused quickly.

Step 4 - Now go to the terminal emulator app and then type in and tapped the enter button on your keyboard.

Step 5 - You will be asked to give the app superuser access so just click grant. The second command line starts with little hashtag instead of a dollar sign which actually means that the terminal is running with user privileges.

Step 6 - Now next copy the following command and easily paste it into the terminal and hit the enter button once again.

Step 7 - you’ll be put to the facebook messenger app and into the hidden section where you tweak some of the settings that take effect on the app. Also, click search gatekeepers here and then type dark into the pop-up and click ok.

Step 8 - now it is required to do it under the dark section all such change their values from no to yes. As you’ve made sure all three settings simply say yes and you can exit the menu. Now entirely close the facebook messenger app by swiping it away from the modern apps list.

Step 9 - finally, reopen your facebook messenger and click on your profile icon in the top left-hand corner. Simply scroll down to a favorite and find the all-new dark mode which you can’t toggle. Now click ok.


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