How To Buy And Send Bitcoin With Cash App? Quick Guide

How To Buy And Send Bitcoin With Cash App? Quick Guide
  • Hanna
  • 15 Feb, 2022

The Bitcoin trading software and began as peer to peer mobile payment services. It helps people to send and receive money using a bank or credit card account. It is very easy to use because it is a user-friendly software. The best advantage of this software is you can start earning your own earning with zero Bitcoin to your name. No matter you know about trading or not? This software is very easy to understand and anyone can use it.

Who are eligible to buy Bitcoin with the Cash App?

User must be resident of US (United States)

A person should be an individual holder, not an entity, and must use this service for their personal use

The person must have at least 18 years old

Users can use the cash app in 50 states of the US

How to Buy and Send Bitcoin with Cash App

To buy the Bitcoin, you must follow some steps:

Step One

Download the Cash App from either Google play store or Apple Store

Step Two

Install the application on your mobile

Step Three

After installing the app, click on the Sign-up button and start the signup process.

Step Four

Enter all required information like phone number, email address, etc

Step Five

Add your bank’s account number into your Cash App account

Step Six

Enter your name

Step Seven

Pick up the unique $ for your Cash app username, this unique cashtag (#) username will help you to send and receive funds.

Step Eight

Enter your address details

Step Nine

It is very important to add funds into your cash app account before buying the Bitcoin. From the Cash App home screen, to add funds you need to click on the Add cash and then enter the amount that you want to add into your Cash app account.

Step Ten

To finalize the process of the cash app, you need to confirm your name, DOB, home address, and social security number.

Buy a Bitcoin with the Cash App

To purchase the Bitcoin, first, click on the home screen and pick the bitcoin option.

The option is available under the Deposits and transfers option

Click on the Enable withdrawals and deposits option

Cash app will then want some additional information from the users like email address, why you want to buy bitcoin, and other income and employment related questions. After that, people then need to verify their identity by scanning the original state ID or driving license. After that, take a clear photo from your mobile of your face. The verification process can take up to 48 hours and the user will see “Verification in progress” on their home screen until the process will not be done.

Once the verification process will be done, the user will eligible to buy bitcoin with cash app. To buy the bitcoin, the user needs to go to the Investing section and pick either Bitcoin or stocks option.

Hit on the Buy button then you will have the option to either make a one-time purchase or set up the recurring purchases. Select the amount and then click on the Next button, and also click on the confirm button.

Once all the process is done then click on the Done button.

Congratulations, now your bitcoin successfully added to your Cash App.



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