How To Send Money From PayPal To Cash App?

How to send money from PayPal to cash app?
  • Hanna
  • 03 Dec, 2020

In this century, people have already witnessed the magic of the digital payment services. Amid the best of technologies, the PayPal has gained the considerable market among others. During the time, it has become the first choice to send and receive the payment globally as well as regionally. Despite the success of PayPal, the cash app, formerly known as the Square cash has been able to gain the significant market as it is the preferred choice of digital transaction in US and UK. Under the odd circumstances, a user may get the requirement to paypal to cash app.

How do I send money from Cash app to PayPal?

However, a user can effectively withdraw his/her PayPal funds to the cash app, but not directly. In case you have any issues with transferring money. You have to employ the alternate techniques to transact inter- app.

You may have in mind that how can you move money from your Cash App account to your PayPal account. However, it is worth understanding that there is no direct way that you can use or facilitate the money to be exchanged between the two accounts.

Nevertheless, an alternative can do the trick such as utilization of bank account. Simply put, just use the bank account as a medium of transfer as it may get connected with PayPal as well as cash app too easily. And, a user can always add and withdraw fund from both cash app as well as PayPal without any limitation.

Transfer Funds from Cash App to PayPal

While both the Cash App and PayPal are money transfer app, there is no association between them. This means that there is no direct way that you can automatically send or allocate funds to your PayPal account from the Cash App.


Let’ have a look over how you can transfer funds from Cash App to your bank account and then transfer them to your PayPal account;


  • Open the Cash App from your smartphone.
  • Just go to “MY CASH” option and tap it. You can tap the $ icon located in the middle of the screen.
  • Find your balance, tap on the “CASH OUT” option.
  • You will get a pop up, where you get your total balance as well as option to withdraw fund.
  • Here, you have to enter the required fund which you want to transfer.
  • Once done with the amount, you can click on “CASH OUT” option.
  • Next, you get the option to choose from the type of transfer and you can pick either STANDARD or INSTANT.

If you have chosen the STANDARD option, the transfer can take up to three days before you reach your bank account at zero fees. If you have chosen the INSTANT option, the cash will be credited directly to your bank account and you have to pay a 25 cent fee.

Once, the fund is credited into the bank account. You can use the same bank account to add the fund to the PayPal following their guidelines.  However, it could be possible if you have the same account connected with PayPal too. And, if it is not the case, you have to connect the concerned account to the PayPal first.

However, your transfer may have issue during the deposit in the bank account or the loading fund to the pay pal. You can seek the support of relevant entity in order to resolve the issue.


As both are independent financial service, there is no direct way to transfer to cash app to Paypal. However, utilization of your bank account is a feasible option.



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