privacy policy

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is very clear which specifies how we collect the personal data for users and how the data is processed and for whichever purpose we want. It is basically a legal agreement protecting the user data. Our privacy policy includes some of the points which comprise

  • User account information which you usually upload on our sites includes picture, home address, name, email address, and phone number.
  • Consignment program account knowledge for the third party is registered with our sites, including the program account numbers, passwords, and balances, trade and improvements transactions.
  • Information on the other services purchases made through our site.
  • You’re current geographic location
  • Your IP address
  • The information contained in any email messages, questions, complaints, requests that you all send us.
  • The information about the pages which have been shown to you. Site navigation details and links on our site that you follow frequently. The information about your computer operating system which is the application versions and the language settings.
  • The information you submit to our sites in connection with contests, surveys and other promotions offered by us.
  • The information which comprise of the images, which is contained in posts you make about points and its amenities on publically accessible websites, blogs, community forums, and mobile applications.